Loans We Offer

Personal Loan Within Shares

  • Access Up to Your Maximum in Shares
  • 1.25% Interest Per Month
  • Unlimited Tenure

Personal Loan Above Shares

  • Up to $15M JMD
  • 1.4583% Interest Per Month
  • 4 Years to Repay

Unsecured Loans

  • Up to $500K JMD
  • 1.8333% Interest Per Month
  • 3 Year to Repay
  • No Security Required

Back to School Loans

  • Up to $300K JMD Available
  • 0.958% Interest Per Month
  • 2 Years to Repay

Mortgage Loans

  • Up to $15M JMD
  • 0.796% Interest Per Month
  • 30 Years to Repay

Pay-Day Loans

  • Borrow Up to 75% of Available Salary
  • Interest Rate is 5% of Principal
  • 1 Month to Repay
  • Low 5% Processing Fee

Motor Vehicle Loans

  • 100% Financing Available for New Vehicles
  • 1% Interest Per Month
  • 10 Years to Repay

Renewable Energy Loans

  • Up to $2M JMD
  • 1% Interest Per Month
  • 5 Years to Repay

Hurricane Loans

  • Up to $500K JMD
  • 0.75% Interest Per Month
  • 3 Years to Repay

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Grants We Offer

GSAT Bursary

Up to $50K Annually

  • GSAT Bursary available to Parents with children doing GSAT examination
  • 2 Bursaries Awarded Each Year (1 Boy and Girl)
  • Available between the months July and September of each year
  • Valid up to 5 years provided that the child maintains good grades
Amelia Pitterson Bursary

One - Off $100K Bursary

  • Application period will run from July 1 to the first Friday in August annually.
  • Student must be registered in an approved tertiary institution
  • Must be a member of the BJ Staff Co-operative Credit Union in good financial standing at the time application

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Our Values

We do our best to enhance the well-being of our members, staff and the community, by making their financial success our business

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