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Loan Protection & Life Savings Insurance

When you take out a loan from your Credit Union it is safe, secure, with guaranteed rates and includes the added protection of Life Savings and Loan Protection Insurance at no extra cost.

Family Indemnity Plan

The F.I.P protects your loved ones. Whenever there’s a death in the family, the Family Indemnity Plan (F.I.P) helps to cover the expenses, so you and your loved ones have less to worry about.

Who Can Be Covered Under The F.I.P


Any member of the credit union


Members spouse or significant other can be covered


Children of members up to the age of 26 are eligible


The parents or in-laws of members are covered under the F.I.P


What We Have To Offer

Personal Loan

1.4583% Interest/Month

  • Borrow Up to $15M JMD
  • 4 Years to Repay
Unsecured Loan

1.8333% Interest/Month

  • Borrow Up to $500K JMD
  • 3 Years to Repay
Pay-Day Loan

Borrow up to 75% of Salary

  • Low 5% Processing Fee
  • 1 Month to Repay
Renewable Energy

1% Interest Per Month

  • Access Up to $2M JMD

Savings & Investments

Ordinary Savings Account

Members can do withdrawls at anytime. Members earn a higher rate of returns.

Christmas Savings

No starting limit. Save a fixed amount between November - December. 8% interest per annum.

Golden Savings

Long term savings plan. Save a fixed amount monthly. Harvest or Withdraw lump sum when goal is reached.

Standing Order Account

Allows members to make payments for the Family Indemnity Plan as well as health insurance or any other payments.

Voluntary Shares Account

The Voluntary Shares Saving Account is the basic account that every ember must have. This account qualifies members for loans

Fixed Deposit Account

Available in 30, 90, 180 days or 1 year Investments. Competitive rate of return. Rates may be negotiated with credit union.

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Our Values

We do our best to enhance the well-being of our members, staff and the community, by making their financial success our business

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